Testimonial & Awards Testimonial & Awards Testimonial & Awards Testimonial & Awards Testimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & Awards

Testimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & Awards

Testimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & Awards

Testimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & Awards Testimonial & Awards Testimonial & AwardsTestimonial & Awards Testimonial & AwardsTestimonial & AwardsTestimonial & Awards

I am so impressed by their office. I took the last appointment of the day,and the staff didn’t seem to be rushed at all. They were all super friendly and made me feel the most comfortable I have ever felt at any healthcare office. Most importantly, they DID NOT HURT ME when I returned for a procedure! I was offered a pillow, blanket, and headphones with Pandora playing my choice of station while they worked. I have told everyone I know about how amazing they are and will continue to do so. Everyone explained what they were doing, talked to me with dignity, and made me feel like I was the only person in the office. Their equipment is top notch and very clean. I am so very impressed!

Amy D. (Facebook)

Not only is the office extremely relaxing but the service was superb! … I didn’t have to keep coming in just to work on 2-3 teeth at a time; Dr. Shaftel was able to do the complete left side of my mouth for fillings in one appointment and the right side of fillings and crowns (2) on another appointment. Me, not being as careful as I should have been, my temporaries came out. Not only was I able to talk to Dr. Shaftel after hours to ask him about this issue but I was able to get into the office first thing to have them put back on. Great office, great family atmosphere. The doctors are awesome and the assistants/ hygienist are fantastic! I recommend anyone and everyone to this practice.

Marcia B. (Yelp)

Due to some bad experiences in the past I had not been to the dentist in about 15 years. My wife suggested that I go see the group at Vita Dental as she had discussed my situation with them and they told her they would do everything they could to make me comfortable. After almost 1 1/2 years I can say I am more than pleased with my experiences at Vita Dental. I had a lot of anxiety from my past dental nightmares and Dr. Jordan and the staff have gone out of their way to make sure I am 100% comfortable. It is a great feeling to know that they are not only concerned with my dental health but also with my level of comfort. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Jordan and the staff to anyone who is looking for a new dentist or who has had less than stellar experiences in the past. As one could imagine I have needed a lot of work after 15 years with no dental visits. Every time I see Dr. Jordan I feel like I am visiting with a friend, and I can honestly say that I have never felt more relaxed in the exam chair. Thank You Dr. Jordan and staff!

Eric H. (Google Reviews)

Friendly, professional, very caring
Had two cavities filled. Dr. Shaftel and his dental assistant were very friendly and answered all questions before starting, during the procedure and after. They kept me informed at each step and always made sure I was comfortable and not in need of anything. They made sure that if I had any pain or discomfort to let them know immediately. But there was no pain or discomfort at all. Just a very professional and friendly environment. I would recommend to anyone.

Joseph S. (Rate a Biz)

Vita Dental is far and away the best Dental practice I have ever been to. On this visit I saw Dr. Jordan, who is not just a great Dentist but a really nice guy. He takes the time to ask how you are before he even gets to the matter at hand. The staff is first class as well! I have never been comfortable about visiting the Dentist but since coming to Vita Dental and Dr’s Jordan and Shaftel, that apprehension is eroding away! I have another appointment to remove a rather large old filling in tooth that is becoming increasing cranky and I am certain I am in good hands (Just hoping I can make it another week!). This practice is led by outstanding Dentists and a first rate staff.

Aaron B. (Angie’s List)

I must say Drs. Jordan and Shaftel are the best dentists I have seen in my 40 years. I was referred to the office after my root canal specialist recommended them and that his own family is seen by them. I figured if it was good enough for a dental specialist to send his loved ones there they must be excel-lent. I have never been disappointed by the treatment or care I have received here. Wonderful staff and I love that I am able to have my appointments on Saturdays.

Sam L. (Google Reviews)

Vita Dental team is incredibly amazing; from the very courteous front desk to the great well-mannered hygienist and to the proficient and friendly doctors. They are all simply amazing! This team is really outstanding! We got a good referral from a colleague to Vita Dental; we went there and experienced the “best-in-class” services; very satisfied with their services and will recommend Vita Dental.

Olatoye F. (Google Reviews)

For the unpleasant necessity of dental work, this place is awesome. All the staff is very friendly and accommodating. I went there to have a wisdom tooth removed and found the professionalism very comforting and relaxing. They gave me several options to have either just one removed or all with no pressure or lecture on my choice. I was so nervous about the needle for the Novocain, but they numbed the gums before using the needle and I felt nothing. For having a tooth pulled, they made the whole experience practically pain free. The dentist, Andrew Jordan, even called me the next day to see how I was doing. GREAT JOB!

Shane L. (Yelp)

Dr. Shaftel is an amazing dentist. The staff is friendly and their attention to detail for every aspect of the visit is the biggest reason we will continue using Vita Dental. This practice is definitely the best in Cincinnati and there are NO SURPRISES at the time of payment – they really do a fantastic job of making sure that you are aware of any charges not covered by insurance prior to treatment. This facility is state of the art – I highly suggest to everyone becoming a patient at Vita Dental.

Jarod K. (Google Reviews)

Wow! The best dental experience of my family’s life. From the first time I called to set up appointments I felt completely welcomed. Everyone was genuinely friendly and personable. The receptionist was super patient in accommodating my family’s chaotic schedule. The hygienists were extremely thorough and encouraging. The doctors really seemed to want to get to know you as people rather than patients and they explained things like they were talking to their own family which I haven’t had happen in a dental office in my entire life. The whole staff hit these visits out of the park and I love the fact I have a dental home for my entire family.

Harold C. (Google Reviews)