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Oral Surgery Services

Oral surgery encompasses procedures treating a wide array of diseases, injuries, and defects in the oral cavity. It is an internationally recognized medical specialty.

Our surgeons are knowledgeable and have received extensive training and education. We practice the highest standards of care and we also utilize cutting edge medical technology for our patients.

Some of the many procedures that fall under the category of oral surgery are removal of impacted teeth, insertion of dental implants, and cosmetic surgeries. We are also able to diagnose and treat certain conditions through oral surgery.


An extraction is performed to remove a tooth, whether because of disease, crowding, or damage. When extractions are required, the area around the tooth will be numbed and your dentist will remove the tooth. A small amount of bleeding is normal, as your mouth will replace the removed tooth root by forming a blood clot in the area.

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Socket Preservation

After a tooth is extracted, an empty socket is left behind. Socket preservation bone grafting allows us to remove the ‘pocket’ made by the missing roots by packing it with bone granules. During the healing process, your jaw remains balanced preventing teeth from shifting and allowing you to receive dental implants to restore your smile.

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Bone Grafting

Bone loss is fairly common especially among people who suffer from missing teeth, oral trauma, and gum disease, but can be rebuilt through bone grafting. At Vita Dental, we are proud to offer bone grafting whether your bone loss is severe or mild.

The process
During a bone grafting procedure, we will take a sample of bone from you or an approved donor source and compress it into granules. These bone grafting granules are placed at the site of bone deterioration underneath the gum tissue.
The bone granules fuse to your existing jaw bone creating a solid structure, which can even out your jawline and become capable of supporting dental implants.

For your comfort we have several effective sedation techniques to remove anxiety and stress while providing you with a painless experience.

Once your graft heals, you will be closer to having your restorative dental procedure and your smile improved.

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PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is a type of regenerative medicine used to improve treatment outcomes and reduce post-operative discomfort for a variety of procedures including implant surgery and bone regeneration. PRP is created by taking a sample of the patient’s own blood and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the platelets and growth factors from the other components. These growth factors help to stimulate the body’s natural healing process, which can help to reduce inflammation and promote tissue regeneration. PRP has been utilized in medicine for decades and is commonly used for quicker injury recovery for professional athletes.

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